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5 Things You Should Be Looking For In A Home Church In Concord, CA

Looking for a new home church in Concord CA is a process that has the potential to discourage you while on your pursuit. Some of us may have a preconceived idea that there’s a perfect church out there for us… well, I hate to pop that bubble, but there’s not. If you’ve been a part … Continued

5 Signs You Are Attending The Right Church For You And Your Family

Living in the Bay Area can be overwhelming at times because of the pace of life and the weight of responsibility in trying to not only lead ourselves but also our families. As a father and a husband in the Bay Area, I sense this tension on a regular basis.  I have come to discover … Continued

5 Reasons You Should Attend The Bay Church

#1 The weekend teachings are relevant and practical. Even if you can’t stand “church” or the “Bible” you will receive information that is transforming and applicable for every day.   #2 You will find someone who looks like you. If you value diversity, we are comprised of many different backgrounds and nationalities.   #3 Family-friendly…you will find many young … Continued

5 Interesting Things You May Or May Not Know About The Bay Church

Having been a part of The Bay Church for 30 years has given me some little historical tidbits of information that you might find interesting. So many people over the years have said “Why doesn’t this church have an elevator?” And they’re right! We should have one. There was one planned when the original plans … Continued