Since we’ve been made aware of the tragedy that is going on in Ukraine, we’ve been working with Convoy of Hope to make sure we are doing our part to help people.

Here’s a recent update of what they’re doing to help:

Convoy of Hope is an organization that we’re proud to be partnering with. The ask we have is called ‘One Day for Ukraine’ and the idea is that you would calculate what your household makes in One Day of work, and give that amount to help support Ukraine. We also understand not everyone may be able to give that amount and so we do have a few other ways you can help both Ukraine, and our local community.


We have some shirts that say ‘Be The Good’ as well as some Bay Church hats we’re selling in the lobby between services. Everything is $20 and 100% of proceeds are going to Convoy of Hope to help Ukraine. A way that you can help our local community or someone in need is to take home a Compassion Bag. We have some blue grocery bags in our lobby at church that you can take home, fill with food, and bring back to help feed our community and people who come to our church needing help filling their pantry.

You can click HERE to learn more about what Convoy of Hope
You can click HERE to give ‘One Day’ to support Ukraine